The Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards are excited to announce the first-ever Candidate Experience Symposium, September 19, 2014 in ChicagoRegister to reserve your seat today!

The Candidate Experience Symposium is a one-of-a-kind event that will gather the most forward-thinking talent leaders to share best practices and actionable tips for improving recruiting and, of course, the candidate experience. Now is your chance to hear about the innovative practices, technologies and strategies that help CandE Award winners, across all industries, connect and engage with great talent. Hear results from the 2014 CandE Awards program; listen to Libby Sartain, a well-known industry thought leader, kick off the program; and learn from dynamic panel groups focused on strategies that keep candidates engaged and delighted, while networking with your peers.

We’re also excited to announce the Fourth Annual Candidate Experience Awards Reception, where the winners of the 2014 program will be honored and celebrated.  Your complimentary registration for the Awards Reception will automatically be confirmed when you Reserve your Seat for the Symposium.

For those unfamiliar with the CandE Awards, it is annual competition process where:

  • Employers have the opportunity to benchmark their candidate experience against that of other companies
  • Employers have the opportunity to participate in a 3rd party survey of their employment candidates to see what their candidates really think of their process

The CandE Award process is a competition, but it is also designed to provide every organization that chooses to participate, confidential and specific feedback on how they can improve their candidate experience.  There is no cost to the employer, only time spent to complete the registration and the survey.  Registration for the 2014 North America CandEs is now closed.